FPL Ruminations 2018/19 – Gameweek 16

Salah GW16

Salah – Liverpool – 21 Points

For the first time this season, I have fallen out of the top 10% of FPL managers. The alarm bells are truly ringing now. Once again, the man above was my biggest downfall, especially given how many managers gave him the captains armband. Man, he is really killing me now. Enough said.

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FPL Ruminations 2018/19 – Gameweek 15

Mahrez GW15

Mahrez – Manchester City – 13 Points

I am glad that it is a short Gameweek, so that I do not have too long to stew on another horrid Gameweek. The Red Arrows continue to flow, with no end in sight. The only silver lining was a H2H win in La Liga Más Valiosa, which helps keep my head just above water in that league. Being a short Gameweek, I have not had much time to think about FPL, so not much to add here. Unlucky!

gw14 team

Gameweek 14 Points


FPL Ruminations 2018/19 – Gameweek 14

Aubameyang GW14

Aubameyang – Arsenal – 16 Points

Just like the picture above, it is time to get radical. Another shockingly poor Gameweek, and I am starting to sink quick. Something has to be done, and quick. In the words of a wise (?) man:

Alright, while not quite as bad as last Gameweek, this Gameweek was still pretty bad, with red arrows all round again, and a bad beat to a H2H ghost ship. Grrrr! So right now, I feel like I am in full on panic mode, as I tumble down the ranks, suffer more and more H2H losses, and feel generally out of sync with how the FPL game is moving. I have decided to stop over thinking and just go straight out with my gut, throw caution to the wind, and let the results be damned!

team gw14

Gameweek 14 Points

I am taking a calculated risk this Gameweek, safe in the knowledge that due to midweek games, even if I stuff up royally, I won’t have too long to dwell on it. So, early transfers, taking a hit, not picking and sticking, all the things that I have tried to avoid all season, I have pretty much done this week. Screw it, my great start has frittered away, so time to go maverick and try to make up some lost ground. I reakon unless things start looking up, I will go even more radical next week! Sick of being unlucky!

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FPL Ruminations 2018/19 – Gameweek 13

Sane GW13

Sané – Manchester City – 19 Points

Unlucky 13! It’s official, this Gameweek was a stinker for me. My worst score for the season by far, with only one player getting attacking returns, and only one defender with a clean sheet. Needless to say, red arrows all around, and H2H losses also. I don’t think I can read too much into this other than … damn Salah! Move along, nothing to see here…

team gw13

So, I made an early transfer, and swapped Mendy for Laporte, seeing as how Mendy is now out for a number of weeks, and I really need a Manchester City defender to give me some reliable points. Now from here, I am starting to think about getting a little funky. My midfield has been an issue for most of the season so far, so it might be time to address the situation in a rather adventurous manner. Here are a few of the thoughts running around in my head:

  • Manchester City cover – I need a Man City midfielder, but who and when? Sterling would be ideal, is it time to move Hazard on for him?
  • Under performing forwards – Is it time to rethink my team structure, given forwards are far under performing midfielders? It might be time to have my budget bench player be a forward rather than a midfielder.
  • Premium defenders – What to do with Alonso and Robertson? Would be just as well served with their cheaper counterparts?
  • Points hits – Should I, when and how many?

I probably need to calm down a wee bit, despite having had a shocking week, probably best to not throw the baby out with the bath water. The Mendy transfer was fine, as he looks to be a long term injury, but should I be rushing to make wholesale changes on the back of one bad gameweek? Probably not, so the best option would be to keep an eye on Hazard and the state of his injury, and only move when I have to, as he still has a favorable match-up this week. However, another blank could definitely see him on the way out…

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Fantasy NFL – November Update


With the NFL season in full swing, it is time for an update on the status my Fantasy NFL team, Big Fat Box Of Crap, in the Tackle Happy Fantasy NFL League. It’s time for an update, as I have clinched a winning regular season, with couple of weeks to go! This was my goal at the beginning of the season, but now given my good form, I am hoping to make a dent in the playoffs, and make a run for the final! I am currently pretty well placed to do this, and I am hoping to keep the winning form going, with only one more big bye week to navigate.

TH NFL standings nov 2018

Having said that, I am hoping that I have not peaked too early, having just smashed out my best ever weekly score in Fantasy NFL of 173.5! Totally NOT unlucky!

gw11 nfl 2018

gw11 nfl 2018 team

The team that got it done!

Anyway, still a couple of rounds to go before we start our fantasy playoffs, so here is to keeping the dream alive!

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