September Sadness…



It is easy to get down on yourself when you have a bad Gameweek in any given Fantasy Sport, but sometimes you really start to question yourself when you crap out on multiple fronts. This weekend past, I either stunk it up or had bad beats in FPL, Fantasy NFL and Sportsdeck (EPL and NFL). Times like this, it is good to step away and to try and clear your head, and maybe cheer yourself up by thinking about past glories. Luckily for me, I got a nice surprise a few weeks back when I received an NRL Supercoach Keyring from my Top 1000 finish in the 2018 season! Only took them a year to get it to me, bur better late than never! It was a particularly nice surprise, as Supercoach had previously told people that they were no longer going to be doing the Supercoach Keyrings for Top 1000 finishing players, so to get this in the mail was very much a nice token to remember my best finish in Supercoach. Inscribed on the back is “963”, my Overall Rank in NRL Supercoach last season. It warms my heart on weeks Like this, when I feel like a total failure at Fantasy Sports! Unlucky!



NRL Supercoach Season Review – 2019

2019 nrl Supercoach final result

The term that keeps coming to mind for this season is: a stinker. This just keeps going over and over in my head. It was tough season in the sense that there were plenty of rookie cash cows which allowed even the most casual player to be competitive when it came to H2H. However, I think my biggest downfall was a poor team to start with, getting a bit too cute with some selections, and possibly a few too many speculative mid priced players. What was I thinking? I exposed myself to way too much risk at the start, and was trying to play catch up the whole season.

2019 nrlsc final team

My final NRL Supercoach team for 2019 – Taco Del Diablo

As far as my H2H leagues went, I had my usual 3 cash leagues (Tackle Happy League, Sandow Memorial, Bowman Cup), and while I made the Top 8 and managed to win the Elimination Final in all of them, I only made the Preliminary Final in the Tackle Happy League, which I lost to Dan Valentine. NEMESIS! And while I hate to admit it, I can pretty much blame all my finals losses on the AE Nightmare that was Tom Eisenhuth, who I had got in as a nuff, thinking that he was injured. Scores of 7 and 3 when Latrell Mitchell and Shaun Johnson were late scratchings dumped me out of all my finals. Unlucky! Oh well, them’s the breaks, back to the drawing board next season!

Season Long Players:

Andrew Fifita, Cameron Murray, Kalyn Ponga, John Bateman, James Tedesco. Only 5 held from beginning to end, perhaps a reason for my rather poor showing this season? Maybe I was just UNLUCKY!



Fantasy Payday – September 2019 Edition


Having finally bombed out of all my Supercoach Finals, I can now safely update my prize winning situation for the year, and boy is it dire! I have not won a single cent this year, the first time that this has happened to me since I started playing in cash competitions! Not only have I always won something, my winnings usually outweigh my registration fees. Not this year! With no further competitions to pay out this year, here is my final balance sheet for the year:

2019 Fantasy Sports Spend:

  • $50 – Tackle Happy 2019 NRL Supercoach Competition
  • $25 – Sandow Memorial 5 NRL Supercoach Competition
  • $50 – The Bowman Cup IX NRL Supercoach Competition
  • $20 – NRL Supercoach Stats Pass
  • $5 – NRL Supercoach Stats Donation
  • $50 – La Liga Mas Valiosa Fantasy Premier League Competition
  • $20 – Tackle Happy Fantasy NFL Draft Competition
  • Fantasy spend to date 3/9/2019: $220

2019 Fantasy Sports Balance:

  • Fantasy Sports Winnings Balance to date 3/9/2019: -$220

The above does not read well at all! I guess I will have to keep my head down and try to get my fantasy sport mojo back! Unlucky!

suck at fantasy sports

NFL – Back for 2019/20


Not far from the NFL season start now, and I will be having another crack at this Fantasy NFL caper. Last season I was the runner up, so needless to say, I would like to go one better this year. Having said that, I think I was outrageously lucky last season, managing to draft Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffery, Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods and Drew Brees, while other fantasy owners were chasing the likes of L’Veon Bell and Tom Brady. I don’t know that the other owners will as generous this time! I think I will be happy to be in the hunt for a play off spot this season…

Of course, this could be the year that the Raiders turn it around! Just Win, Baby!